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In-Person Consultation


Why we recommend it?

Embarking on your skincare journey can be overwhelming. This initial consultation marks the starting point for your skincare journey. We require all new in-person clients to schedule a consultation and treatment before opting for additional services. This allows us to assess your skin, understand your concerns and goals before commencing.

For clients who haven’t visited us in over a year, we kindly request booking a consultation before rebooking any services. Our licensed esthetician will craft the most beneficial treatment plan for your ongoing needs. Working with us isn’t a one-and-done service. We believe in achieving the best skin when collaborating to hand-select leading products and treatments tailored specifically for you. Our commitment extends to clients ready to invest in their skincare plan from day one.

During the consultation, our licensed esthetician will set up your client profile. Be prepared to discuss your medical history and current medications. At Mongael Aesthetics, we emphasize a customized home care regimen for healthy skin, tailored to your concerns. Be ready to switch to products we know will work best for you—rest assured, we only recommend the best in the industry.

The consultation includes an in-depth skin analysis, so arrive with a makeup-free face. This is your time, and we’re here to assess your skin and determine suitable cosmetic treatments. 

$100 contributes to the consultation, and $50 goes towards products or services.

How long does it take?

30 minutes

Recovery time

No downtime


From $150

Add-ons that are worth it!

LED Light Therapy

Using LED light, this treatment uses wavelenghts to help rejuvenate and heal your skin. It also helps with acne, dull skin, aging, and more.

High Frequency

A glass electrode connected to oscillating high frequency current is used to stimulate circulation to the skin cells.


Smoothen your skin to the next level by taking away any dead skin and undesired facial hair using a gentle blade.

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