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Chemical Peel

Understanding chemical peels

A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin in order to eliminate the outermost layers. As a result, the newly regenerated skin is smoother. To achieve the desired outcomes, multiple sessions of light or medium peels may be necessary.

Who needs a chemical peel?

Anybody with a need for a clearer skin or people with increased dead skin.

What to expect after a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are great to rejuvenate your skin. After a chemical peel, you can expect your skin to “breathe” better.

How long does it take?

30 minutes

Recovery time

A few days to a several weeks, depending on the depth of the peel and skin type.


From $375

Add-ons that are worth it!

LED Light Therapy

Using LED light, this treatment uses wavelenghts to help rejuvenate and heal your skin. It also helps with acne, dull skin, aging, and more.

High Frequency

A glass electrode connected to oscillating high frequency current is used to stimulate circulation to the skin cells.


Smoothen your skin to the next level by taking away any dead skin and undesired facial hair using a gentle blade.

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