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Understanding facials

Facials are designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin, enhance blood flow, eliminate dead skin cells, hydrate the skin, and minimize signs of aging and acne.

Who needs a facial?

A facial is a relevant treatment, whether you have healty skin or deal with skin challenges. 

What to expect after a facial?

Facial treatments makes you feel good, fresh and boosts your confidence.

How long does it take?

40-60 minutes

Recovery time

No downtime


Starts $150

Acne Facial


Express Facial


Add-ons that are worth it!

LED Light Therapy

Using LED light, this treatment uses wavelenghts to help rejuvenate and heal your skin. It also helps with acne, dull skin, aging, and more.

High Frequency

A glass electrode connected to oscillating high frequency current is used to stimulate circulation to the skin cells.


Smoothen your skin to the next level by taking away any dead skin and undesired facial hair using a gentle blade.

Other services