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We adore this peel for its 35% TCA content, and the best part is, there’s no peeling!

Who needs it?

This peel is appropriate for individuals of all skin types, tones, and ages. It’s especially effective for acne-prone and congested skin, addressing pigmentation and scarring. Packed with essential amino acids and vitamins, it’s beneficial for both preventing aging and supporting young skin during acute stages of acne and acne scarring. With minimal downtime, it’s a convenient option for those with busy schedules and frequent social commitments.

How does it work

A cutting-edge peel treatment that delicately dissolves cell bonds, revealing a radiant, smooth layer underneath while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This 35% TCA chemical peel offers biostimulation for improved texture, revitalization for healthy skin formation, and no peeling. 

The blend includes:

  • TCA 35% to improve the skin’s texture, scars, and pigmentation
  • Salicylic acid for pore decongestion
  • Tartaric acid for skin brightness
  • Lactobionic acid for intercellular metabolism of the skin
  • vitamin C for antioxidants to strengthen the skin 
  • Amino acids & Vitamin B2 for revitalization and the formation of new healthy cells, free from stress, damage, and exhaustion.

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