The Power of Makeup, How to Create Your Unique Lifestyle “id” and How it Can Empower You

All too often, we hear things like “oh, but you don’t need to wear all that makeup”, or “you’re beautiful just the way you are” from well-meaning family members. These words are proof that many people don’t understand the true meaning of makeup. They think that cosmetics are a cover-up, that deeply insecure people feel that they can’t live without them – and that these powerful tools shouldn’t be trusted.

We’ve all seen the posts on social media, usually created by a man, saying, “this is why you should take her swimming on the first date”. The posts are accompanied by a before-and-after photo of a beautiful model or influencer, before with a bare face and after with a made-up face. The suggestion behind these posts is even worse – that without our beauty tools, we’re “ugly” or “unworthy”.

What Wearing Makeup Really Means

When it comes down to it, other peoples’ opinions about makeup are completely invalid. From the occasional egotistical man to family members who just want what’s best for us, nobody understands that we don’t wear makeup to look good for them, we don’t feel ashamed when we go out with a bare face, and we certainly don’t believe that any girl is ugly without her trusted mascara or lipstick.

Wearing makeup is a personal choice – that’s why some of us wear it and some don’t; why some of us beat their faces on occasions while others do it every day; why some people show off their incredible contouring and eyeliner skills while others prefer to keep it simple with a natural foundation or blush. There’s no rule to the hobby, the habit, the skill – whatever you want to call it.

For many of us, sitting in front of the mirror and creating a work of art can make us feel like a new woman. That’s not to say that we hate the reflection looking back at us when it’s free of foundation, mascara, contour, lipstick, eye shadow. Applying our favorite beauty products isn’t a chore. We don’t begrudgingly hurry to get the job done, in the knowledge that we can’t face the day without it.


Makeup is Your Identity…

Use it as you wish. If you’re one of the women in the world who prefer to go bare-faced, maybe your identity shines through in different ways. If you’re obsessed with beauty products, use them however feels right to you. Wear your colours with pride, share how they make you feel on the inside – confident, powerful, like you can take on anything in life.

You can use your beauty tools to express whatever is important to you. Whether your goal is to show off your culture, or simply to indulge that everyday fashion and beauty icon within you, you’re doing it for yourself and no one else. When you know this deeply, when you understand that beauty is subjective, and that feeling your very best (whether that’s with makeup or without) is the most important thing in the world, you’ve mastered the tricky art of self-empowerment. Makeup is for how you feel, and nobody can take that away from you.

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