Summer Makeup Looks for 2020

Summer Makeup Looks for 2020

It’s summer as we’ve never seen it before – but it has arrived, so we’ve all got to make the most of it. Now that lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, it’s finally time to dust off our makeup and enjoy having a purpose to wear it again.

Yes, we could wear our makeup at home – but what a waste when no-one can see it apart from our family members. There’s something inexplicably exciting about creating a makeup look we’re really proud of and showing it off to people who have never met us before, creating a lasting impression, causing eyes to linger on us for all the right reasons.

With a new season comes new styles, and the summer of 2020 is bursting with beautiful new makeup trends that you’ll want to try for yourself immediately. Grab your phone and get up your virtual notepad, because you’re going to want to write some of this down.

Summer Eye Makeup Looks

Let’s face it, a makeup look wouldn’t be complete if the eyes were ignored. Summer 2020 is all about the understated neutral tint, so if you’re looking for summer makeup looks for brown eyes, you’ll be right in your element. Pair a nude matte lipstick with a super-light brow gel, a warm beige eyeshadow and a dewy foundation to create a fresh, glowy appearance without the effort.

As it seems to do every year, pastel eyeshadow has also returned as one of the biggest makeup looks for summer. Don’t rule pastels straight out if you’re worried they won’t suit your skin tone – you should be able to find something that you can rock better than anyone else. If you have dark skin with warm undertones, a fluorescent pastel can create a striking effect. Very fair, light skin , on the other hand, is more suited to bolder pastel shades that won’t wash you out. 

Summer 2020 Brows

Thank goodness, the days of plucking our eyebrows to nothingness or coloring them in an aggressive five-shades-too-dark are well behind us. Summer 2020 has further encouraged the full, polished eyebrow look that beauty experts have been perfecting since early 2018. Feathered brows are also set to be a beauty trend this summer, so if you’re able to find a decent brush and brow gel, you’ve got yourself a low maintenance look for a 2020 beach trip or garden party.

Summer Lip Trends

summer lipstick looks

For many of us, our lipstick preferences are unmovable – we like what we like, and we’re not always willing to compromise. It’s true that when you find the shades that look amazing on you, it can be difficult to move beyond that zone to something completely different, and you may assume that you won’t be able to find a shade that suits you.

If you can admit to being this person, you may have mixed thoughts about summer’s biggest beauty trend for lips: hot pink. It’s a daring shade, and much like the red lip, it can look bold and beautiful when applied properly. If you want to pull off hot pink on your own lips, don’t forget the setting spray. You may also want to get creative with adding subtle hot pink accents to other parts of your face, such as your eyes and your cheekbones.


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