Self care day ideas to pamper yourself

Self care day ideas to pamper yourself

Self care is so important, yet many of us struggle to  take time out of the day to give our minds and our bodies a relaxing treat. We all lead such go-go-go lifestyles, and it’s easy to prioritize other things above looking after ourselves.

The Importance of Self Care

The problem with putting off self care is that over time, you may start to build an unhealthy relationship with yourself. Self care can boost your confidence and self esteem. Not only that, but taking even a brief moment of relaxation can prevent your body from becoming overwhelmed, both physically and mentally.

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

Whether you’re a key worker who has seen a lot of stress at work recently, you’re struggling to deal with the “new normal”, or you simply need a break from the outside world, scheduling in a self care day at home will do you a world of good.

Three are many ways to pamper yourself without going out and getting pampered – which is lovely, but costs a lot of money, and may not appeal to you during the current global situation. Check out the list below if you’re looking for ideas.

bubble bath

  • Run yourself a bubble bath

One of the most enjoyable ways to take care of yourself is to get in a warm bath filled with scented bubbles of your choice. A bubble bath can give you a spa-like experience at virtually no cost – even better if you dim the lights and light a couple of candles.

  • Make a homemade face mask

Another simple, wallet-friendly way to pamper yourself is to make a homemade face mask out of the ingredients you find in your kitchen cupboards. You’d be surprised at just how many foods are incredibly beneficial to skin when applied topically. Take oatmeal, for example. Mix it with yogurt, honey and an egg white, then apply the mask to your face and leave for up to 15 minutes.

  • Enjoy your favorite relaxing hobbies

Life has a habit of getting in the way of the relaxing activities that we enjoy. If there’s something you have been putting off, like getting stuck into that new book or Netflix series, give yourself a whole afternoon to get stuck into it. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for taking a time-out – remind yourself that you’re helping your body to stay strong by giving it the resting time it needs.

  • Set up an at-home manicure bar

Even when you don’t have the time to do a full face of makeup, having painted nails is a great way to express yourself and feel more confident when you’re out and about. We all know that gels and acrylics are the better long-term solution, but while you’re not up for braving the beauty salon, grab your nail polish and get creative with colors and patterns.

These ideas on this list are only a starting point. There are many more ways to pamper yourself that require only the most basic tools and ingredients.  Get online and have a good search of all the ways you can make life at home that little bit more bearable today.

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