Born in West Africa our owner Christelle Gonzalez has a deep-rooted African Heritage that complements her teenage upbringing in America. She remembers growing up as a child in West Africa; the importance of appearance; how well put together her mother would be no matter what life circumstances she was going through. She was intrigued by her mother, who would blend stylish attire with a beat face—even to go to the grocery store, because even though she had nothing, her look was her way of self-expression, her happiness, her demonstration of nobility, optimism and pride. When she put on her mask, it was her shield. 

The values possessed by Christelle today reflect those garnered from African culture:  not only the rich vibrant colors, but also the embodiment of self-expression, which is passed down to young generations very early through the socialization of style and appearance. At a tender age, you are taught to create a shield, your own unique ‘ID’, and you are trained to be presentable at all times. This is the lifestyle, and a huge facet of the African culture. And this lifestyle/culture was transported to the US with the relocation of Christelle’s family.

 For Christelle, this meant that even if there was a storm raging in the City of Chicago, she needed to ensure she looked presentable before stepping foot outside…and this, she did with pride, knowing that she was putting forth her best self for others to see, her first impression, her shield, her true “ID”. 

For Christelle, her true “ID” is multi-facetted, imprinted by exposure to multiple cultures in West Africa when her family moved around from place to place. She found that no matter where her and her family lived—multiple places in West Africa, or America—she would always fit into the diverse cultures. Thus, finding her true “ID” involved embracing a mirage of cultures, and embodying a potpourri of influence, all welded into her whole being, and strengthened by the adversity and struggles she faced in life. This transcended to the way she maneuvered life in America, and with the blending of African, American and Hispanic cultures, Christelle birthed Mongael.  

Mongael is a brand that indulges the everyday fashion and beauty icon in you. Established in 2016, Christelle believes everyone has their own “ID” and her goal is to provide all women and men the tools to enhance their lifestyle, and to bring out their true and unique “ID”.


Christelle Gonzalez
CEO / Founder